Premium Essentials made Affordable through Pre-Order Campaigns.

After years of research in business models of luxury brands like Nxke & Adidxs, we have come to the realisation that the middlemen absorb 60% of the ridiculous retail price that you are paying!

This is where we come in. FITGEAR eliminates these unwanted costs by delivering the product straight from the manufacturer through PRE-ORDER to your doorstep skipping sales, business agents & retailers.

By adapting the pre-order business model, achieving a high number of order quantity allows us to purchase the products at a lower price and hence, offering the products at a lower price too (we're talking about 1/3 of what you'd have to pay mainstream retailers!).

We allow customers to purchase our products before it is produced and shipped. This enables our customers to get the products through reservations as at times we do experience selling out of items.

Pre-orders help us determine the level of demand and in turn, we’ll be better equipped to plan our productions runs. This gives us an idea what our customers want and how much will be needed to meet the demand for a product as well as what is the lowest price we are able to offer the product at.

We choose to unlock one product one at a time as we would need the time to do thorough (?) research and development to be able to offer products only of the best quality (HALP!)  at an honest price.

We have to unlock products one by one as each product is sourced and produced by industry pioneers that are the best at what they do. This means each individual product is sourced individually from different manufacturers hence why each product will have different Pre-Order dates and time. As tedious as it is, we do not believe in taking the easy way out by sourcing all our products from 1 producer to streamline our business as this is not in line with our belief hence why each product will need to meet different number of minimum order quantity for us to offer it at the lowest price we can. This in turn (another alternative for “this in turn” plz) is why we need a long(?) pre-order time as we need time to gather (?) enough demand for our new releases.

This is where our customers come in. With your help(??) of purchasing and referring (??) others to do so, the sooner we are able to hit our MOQ needed to offer it at the price that we have stated, the sooner we are able to produce and ship out the products to you. At the end of the day, the value goes back to you, the consumers.

(Every busines model will have issues ?????) We do know that there is an issue (??) with the lengthy lead time of Pre-Orders as we are heavily reliant on our producers. Unlike big brands, we are unable to provide instant gratification that retailers are able to provide by purchasing the product first and selling it the consumers after.

With every problem that our producer faces presents themselves directly to our customers but at FITGEAR, we believe good things comes to those who wait as we too, took a long time to do our research and development before venturing into the highly saturated apparel industry.

Slowly but surely, we'd want to empower more than 100 million people worldwide with our timeless, affordable premium essentials as we believe that this should not be a luxury.